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Beeswax Candles

Updated: Jul 12

Pure Beeswax Candles in the shape of a honeycomb
Beeswax Small Standalone Candles

I had no idea these would be so expensive. Until I learned these game changing facts about beeswax.

Paraffin candles are terrible. For your home and your health. There is nothing clean burning about these candles. Let's not even talk about the terrible burn time these give. As if that wasn't enough they are the most toxic type of candle there is. They are the reason why I got into this. Heres my story.

My partner would burn candles from big department stores all the time. I hated these. I felt like i couldn't breathe. I always would turn them off and pretend that they went out or some other sort of excuse I could play off. The air quality was just not what I wanted when these burned. So much shit is toxic for you. But you know what isn't? That's right! Beeswax!

Beeswax is one of the least toxic waxes used in candles.

I had to do a ton of research. Let's not kid ourselves. I spent hours trying to figure out what kind of wax would be the best to use. After many hours it became clear that beeswax was hands down the best wax to use. Not only is it full of very good properties but it is a renewable resource that can be replenished. On top of it being a renewable source beeswax tends to have a slow burn as well as a cleaner burn. I even learned the science behind beeswax. For example, Beeswax when burned like let's say in the form of a candle, it becomes a natural air purifier. So how does it do this? Beeswax candles release ions into the air that attach themselves to dust, smog, smoke and any other allergens found in your home. Beeswax was the right choice. So I began the process of making all natural beeswax candles. That process also included finding where to find the finest beeswax possible to ensure the perfect burn. I also wanted to make sure the beeswax was local as the local pollen used by bees would be most beneficial for people with allergies. Damn now i had to go source my beeswax. OK fine. After many failed attempts with many different bee keepers and waxes. Trust me it took a very long time to find someone. We finally settled on wax provided by The Valley Hive. The wax we from there is always very clean and natural. The customer service is amazing even if we only needed a pound of beeswax. They even offer pound of beeswax bars and disks for your convenience.

Ok so now I've decided on making beeswax candles and have also found where to get my wax. Next is having to look into what type of container I am going to use for my candles. The biggest obstacle to consider was the burn temperature beeswax needed before melting.

Glass mason jars became the best option for my candles.

I wanted something rustic. Something that fit the eco friendliness I was trying to push forward with this brand and I figured glass mason jars fit the bill the best. But if you are not a candle maker. You are not entirely aware that candle wax is poured at a very high temperature. A problem I ran into very early in my candle making career. As you would imagine what happens when you pour hot wax into a cold glass jar... Well. In order to prevent broken glass all over my floor. I had to think of a way to warm up the jars just enough to withstand the hot wax being poured into them. I began bathing jars in warm water. A baño maría as they say in spanish. That worked like a charm. It allowed both the wax and the jar to cool down at the same time therefore not allowing either the jar or the candle to crack. I had jars figured out. Wax figured out. And even my pouring technique. Now the next dilema was wicks. What about wicks.

Cotton braided wick became my wicks of choice

There are many types of wicks to choose from. Be it wood wicks which are basically a thin slice of wood that burns in the middle of the candle. Terrible to use with beeswax btw because it does not produce a flame big enough for the viscosity of beeswax.

Then there are the simple cotton wicks. Believe it or not some of these are toxic. Most tend to have a metal rod inside them that burns as your candle burns. How terrible. It was important to pick a good wick. As you can see why. After lots of research we decided on using cotton braided wicks. Made out of pure cotton braided onto itself so no metal rod was necessary. These were the least toxic wicks we could find. And became the best option for us. Lastly. We decided on using a double sided sticker at the bottom of the ma to hold the wick in place as this was less toxic than using hot glue. Nobody wants hot glue burning with their beeswax really.

Sweet Luxury Bodylines Air Purifying Candles Finally Born

After many trials and tribulations. Hours of testing. Failed attempts and wasted resources. We were finally able to put a candle together. We decided on 8 Oz jars candles that last a very long time and gave maximum air purifying qualities. We eventually moved away from using jars all together and now make air purifying stand along beeswax candles. This minimizes the toxicity of things touching your candle and make the candles be half the cost to you.

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