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Glowing Through Motherhood and Business: My Personal Skincare Routine

Follow Me And I Will Show You How I Prioritize Skincare Routine with My Exclusive Skincare Line

My name is Zafira.

I am one of the owners of Sweet Luxury Body Line and today is my first day back to blog posts in a little while. It feels so good to be back. How are you all?!

Thank you for joining me.

In this blog post, I’m going to share my quick and simple skincare routine. With a special highlight on our scrubs.

So as you may or may not know we recently had a baby. Could not be any happier in life right now. Our 7-month-old girl is so big and making amazing progress. It has been the time of my life.


Finding time for self-care after having a baby has been hard. Most days I’m so tired we fall asleep together after nursing her.

But I have been slowly carving out more and more time for myself. Whether I’m reading a book, doing my nails, or indulging in my skincare routine. One thing that I have gotten back into is exfoliating more often.

Her skin after using our sugar scrubs and beeswax lotion bars
Zafira at one of our Pop Up Markets

A few years ago I was going to see an esthetician for all my waxing needs and told me that as we get older we need to exfoliate more because our skin cell rejuvenation cycle gets longer and longer.

So essentially we’re walking around with a bunch of dead skin.

Which leads to itchy, dry skin, and ingrown hairs.

Once I learned that I started being consistent with exfoliating and noticed a huge difference in the way my skin looked and felt.

Then I got pregnant. Exfoliating soon became a thing of the past.

Now that I am slowly finding a balance I’ve been getting back to exfoliating using our scrubs. My personal favorite is Fields of Lavender. It truly feels like I am walking through a field of lavender which is oh so relaxing.

What I love about our scrubs is that I can use them head to toe. I have super sensitive skin but the sugar is so gentle on my skin. It practically melts.

I’m going to share with ya’ll my super easy and simple skincare routine.

First things first

I get my scrub ready.

I mix my scrub to incorporate all the oils with the sugar. Once everything is mixed I measure out enough for my entire body or just enough for my face.

It depends on how I’m feeling and how much time I have really lol.

Then pour it into a small plastic container that I only use for my scrub. (I use a small Tupperware that lost its lid.)

We DO NOT recommend taking your jar in the shower.

Whether it’s our scrub or any other scrub. One reason is that water can get in the scrub making it rancid.

It’ll still work but it will affect the quality of the smell.

Secondly, since our jars are glass, we don’t want you to drop it and have broken glass everywhere.

"Our ingredients are so simply yet super effective that my routine is the most minimal possible. ." – Zafira

If I’m doing a full-body skincare routine

I’ll shower regularly; shampoo and conditioner, then lather up with some all-natural soap.

Right now I’ve been using Castile soap.

I like exfoliating last, one so my conditioner sets in a little longer and two so I don’t wash off all of the moisturizing oils from the scrub.

I personally like to work my way up. I’ll grab enough for whichever body part I’m doing. I like to rub the scrub gently in a circular motion.

Starting with my legs and thighs, then my torso, arms, and lastly my face. Then I rinse off get out of the shower and pat dry.

Once I’m dry

I’ll lather up with a bit of our Serenity Body Butter for my whole body except my face. On my face, I use our Healing Beeswax Lotion Bar.

If I’m only exfoliating my face

Then I wash it with all-natural soap.

Gently rub in the scrub in circular motions all over my face. Including my lips and neck.

Lastly, I’ll pat dry and rub in some of our Healing Beeswax Lotion Bar.

That’s my quick, easy, & simple skincare routine.

Our ingredients are so simple yet super effective that my routine is the most minimal possible.

Which is frankly perfect for me as a new mom trying to find my balance. It feels great to get back to something so simple but gives me so much confidence.

My skin looks and feels amazing. I slowly get rid of dead skin cells making my skin look dull and dry.

I also prevent getting ingrown hairs which creates a sleeker look for my skin when shaving and hydrating the hell out of my skin.

Hope this look into my routine has helped you in your search for a minimalistic working routine.


Step-by-step routine:

  1. Get scrub ready in the container

  2. Lather up with soap (face or body)

  3. Rinse off soap

  4. Gently scrub your face or body in a circular motion

  5. Rinse off scrub

  6. Pat dry

  7. Seal in moisture and oils with moisturizer. Body butter for the body and healing beeswax lotion bar for the face.

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