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Toners are Making a Comeback

What are toners?

Toner is a liquid that looks and acts like water but it's so much more than that! The way toners have been viewed and made has changed a lot over the course of time. They used to be made with high alcohol contents and astringent properties. But as we know alcohol based products will dry out your skin.

Back in the 90’s toners were correlated with teens or people who had a bad case of acne. They are now typically water based and have more than just astringent properties. Depending on what your skin need is they may have antioxidants, acids, glycerin, & anti-inflammatories.

It is considered to be the primer of your skincare routine. Toner is meant to get rid of any last bit of bacteria or dirt on your skin. It gives your skin a quick blast of hydration while also helping remove some dead skin cells. Toners help your skin return to its natural state which is acidic. This helps your skin prepare to absorb all of the benefits of your serums or moisturizers.

Due to recent popularity in Korean Skincare and glowing dewy skin. Toners are making a comeback. Better than before and having an array of target benefits. Toners are now made with different skin needs in mind. Using toners in your skincare routine has a variety of benefits.

What are the benefits?

Balancing act

Some cleansers may still have harsh ingredients or maybe too alkaline for your skin which may disrupt its natural pH balance. Our skin is naturally acidic. Toners are made with much gentler ingredients that’ll help restore balance your skin’s pH levels.


Due to toner giving you the last clean before you apply your serums and moisturizers you skin will absorb all the goodness that’ll help hydrate you skin giving you a nice dewy glow. Certain types of toner that target dry skin can also provide your skin with the hydration it needs due to the ingredients its made with.


Because of its hydrating properties using it in a mister throughout the day can having cooling and refreshing feel.


Using toners that include botanicals such as chamomile can having a soothing effect on your skin. Especially if you have red or irritated skin needs


Toners are thought to give your skin a second cleanse. Which is why it’s recommended to be used after you cleanse your face because it’ll pick up any last dirt, bacteria, and makeup residue and break it down.

Should I use a toner?

The answer is yes! Now that toners are made to target a variety of skin types you can find one that’ll address whatever needs you have. Its really all about finding that one that suits you.

How to apply toner?

We know that we should use toner after we cleanse our face. If you had makeup on first remove your makeup then wash your face, and then apply toner. You can liberally soak a cotton ball with the toner and then apply with a cotton ball to all of your face and neck. If you want to go the eco-friendly way (which we always love and support) you can apply some to the palms of your hand and rub into your face and neck with your hands.

What are the different types of toners?

There are three main types of toners; alcohol based formulas, glycerin or glycol based, or water based. But you should looking for a toner that is specific to your skin type whether that’s oily, dry, acne prone, or combination.

If you have dry or acne prone skin you want tor try and stay away from alcohol based toners as they will dry out and irritate your skin. There are many toners with different ingredients that can help you with your skins needs. For example, finding toner that contain hyaluronic acid may help lock in and bring moisture into your skin.

If you’re prone to oily skin and toner with a gentle exfoliant or with glycerin as it’ll provide your skin with maximum hydration without adding any extra oils.

For combination skin types you want to look for toners that have gentle acids because they are a mild exfoliant while also providing your skin with hydration. Its create the essential balance needed for combination skin.


As you’ve read toners have come a really long way in the last 20 or so years. Going from being known to have high alcohol contents and being thought they were best used for oil acne prone skin. Now you can find a toner that best suits your skins need. Whether you’re looking to target acne, dry skin, wrinkles and fine lines, or oily skin. Just remember to read the ingredients and opt to stay away from alcohol based ones regardless of you skin type.

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