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What Are Eye Creams and How Do They Benefit Your Skin?

So you’ve reached the point in your skincare routine where you are starting to use eye creams. But what exactly is an eye cream? And can’t I just use a moisturizer I am already using and skip this step?!

The sensitive skin around your eyes is so delicate
The Skin Around Your Eyes Is Delicate

What are eye creams?

Eye creams are usually thicker products specifically made for all of the delicate skin around your eyes.

They almost always carry more oils than regular moisturizers. Another difference is the active ingredients which are all aimed at the issues with the skin around our eyes.

Why do I need to use eye creams?

There are a few reasons why we need the use of specialized eye creams in our skincare routine.

First off, the skin around our eyes is far more delicate than the rest of our skin. Making it prone to showing earlier signs of wrinkles in that area.

As we get older and more fluid begins to collect around our eyes it will show as inflammation and puffy eyes.

These are some of the reasons why using a targeted eye cream could be a good idea.

We always recommend choosing products according to your skin type and specific needs. Read every label carefully and be careful what you put on your face.

How do eye creams work?

For the most part, most eye creams contain active ingredients that are meant to either fill damaged and cracked skin and/or hydrate the area around your eyes.

Along with a good diet, exercise, and drinking water daily. The use of eye creams can aid in repairing the skin around your eyes.

But eye creams are not magic. And they will not be miracle workers no matter how much we want them to be.

a woman's eye close up
The Skin Around Your Eyes Is Delicate

When should I start using eye creams?

Most of us start using eye creams when we notice the first onset of wrinkles and fine lines. But there is a notion that we should start much earlier than that as a preventative measure for dealing with these issues.

Some skincare experts suggest starting to use eye creams in your 20s as a preventative measure.

It is also to be noted that you have to practice patience and use these products for months at a time before visible changes will appear.

Yes, I know. We all want the quick fix and to look younger yesterday but the reality is that these things take time. And effort. Both of which we have to be willing to practice.

What have we learned?

In conclusion, the use of eye creams is a targeted form of nourishing the sensitive area around your eyes.

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