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Why Having Consistency With Your Skincare Routine Matters

What Is Consistency in Skincare?

Skincare is a multibillion-dollar industry with players of all sizes trying to get a piece. This means that companies are pushing products onto the market as the newest trends hit the space.

What is popular one week might not be the next. And now you are left wondering if you should follow the changes your favorite skincare influencer is showing almost every other day.

We are here to tell you to STOP.

Skincare is not magic. These are not elixirs or magic potion or spells that will bring wonders to your skin overnight. UNFORTUNATELY. Skincare requires you to put time and effort into it. It also requires you to wait to see results.

Consistency in skin care does not mean you have to have hour-long routines. It means spending 5 to 10 minutes daily to reach that Glazed Donut or Glass Skin look you've been working hard towards.

5 to 10 minutes daily is much more efficient and consistent than doing your routine once every time you remember.

We say 5 to 10 minutes because that should be what a really basic routine should take you.

Build from there.

Why Does A Consistent Skincare Routine Matter?

When you start a new workout routine which is better for you? Work out once or twice and wait for the results to appear


Work out consistently throughout the week stay consistent and watch the results come in over time.

Well. If you want results you would choose the latter.

So why when it comes to skincare and routines are we so quick to switch to the new shiny product and throw away all the work we began?

Our Skin Regenerates Daily

Another reason to take skin care seriously is to allow our skin to repair and rejuvenate itself as well. Our skin repairs itself overnight.

Your nighttime skin care routine is important so that you can take off all those contaminants from the environment, dead skin cells, makeup, and other skincare products that can stop your skin from healing.

Preventing Skin Issues Is So Much Easier Than Treating

This is not a new idea. Prevention over treatment. Prevention is a lot easier and less expensive than treatment of any skin condition you can develop.

For example.

Using Sunscreen. A bottle of daily sunscreen can cost you anywhere from 11 to 20 dollars depending on the brand you like and who recommended it to you.

The point is that using sunscreen is not expensive and can be done daily.

Now, treating sun damage/dark spots and skin damage is a whole other world where everyone and their mom knows the solutions and can sell you everything and anything from chemical peels to other procedures that may have adverse effects.

All you had to do was buy and use the sunscreen daily.

Gives You A Boost Confidence

I firmly believe that if you look good you feel even better. Who doesn't like to walk out of the house in the morning looking sharp ready for what the day brings?

Having a consistent skin routine will ensure that you walk out with that confidence daily.

You don't have to worry about running into your crush and if you look good enough you have been consistent and the results will show.

Identify The Different Skin Types

Our skin type depends on many factors. Figuring out which is yours can be beneficial to know what products you can or cannot use after developing your routine.

The different skin types are dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. Always consult a dermatologist if you have questions about what your skin type is. All skin types benefit from a daily simple routine of washing and moisturizing at the very least. The rest of your routine may depend on what skin type you have.

One of the most basic ways to tell what type of skin you have is to look in the mirror throughout the day.

If you notice redness or patches of skin you could have dry skin or even sensitive skin.

If your face is shiny you could have oily skin. Having both could mean you have combination skin.

What Are Your Skin Issues and Concerns

Understanding your skincare goals from the beginning can be beneficial to having healthy skin. Knowing what you want to achieve and or treat will determine which skin care products are best for you and which active ingredients to avoid.

No two skincare routines are ever the same. Your best friend's routine to treat the appearance of wrinkles will not work for you if that is not your goal. Or you don't have any wrinkles to treat. As an example.

Start with a Basic Daily Skincare Routine

We recommend starting off with a basic routine. Something simple you can do daily and see results before moving on to using combinations of products. Always do your research and read entire labels to make sure you know exactly what you are putting on your skin.

Use an Exfoliant

Use a gentle exfoliant free of harsh chemicals twice a day to remove dead cells and promote cell regeneration.

Follow with a Moisturizer

Follow that with a moisturizer that will lock in any moisture and hydrate your skin.

Apply Sunscreen

You can have the best routine in the world. But if you forget to wear sunscreen daily the damage may be done without you even knowing it.

Consistency Matters

Things to remember

Remember that achieving healthy beautiful skin takes time. There are no overnight results and everything you do matters. From your diet to exercise to your routine.

Having a consistent routine will ensure that you have the best-looking skin for you by allowing you to remove all the cells you lose daily.

A routine that works for your friend may not work for you since everyone has different skin types. Do not be fooled into using products that will not work for you. Remember also that prevention is so much better than treatment.

Lastly, having a consistent routine will ensure that your confidence is always high and you are always ready for anything the day brings.

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