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Zafira's Rice Water Challenge

Hi Everyone, Zafira here.

I hope everyone has been well.

This week I’d like to share a skincare challenge with you. More like I’d like you to join me on this challenge.

Have you heard of rice water and all of it’s amazing benefits!?

Let me tell you!

I’ve heard of how magical rice water can be for your skin my whole life.


I’ve only tried it a few times here and there.

Many moons ago.

But I never knew exactly how to make the water. I just kinda eyeballed it

I make a lot of rice at home but typically use the water I rinse the rice with for my plants. Rice water has more than just benefits for skin you know.

Lately I’ve been looking into natural skincare ideas or recipes that I can easily try to not only care for myself but also get inspired for a potential new product for our skincare line.

So let’s talk about the benefits of using rice water….

Rice water is an astringent. Which means it helps tighten tissue aka your skin aka it helps shrink and cleanse your pores. Giving you an even tone and complexion. It also helps with wrinkles and fine lines due to its astringent properties.

Rice water also contains collagen. Collagen helps with skin elasticity, and its hydration. Helping keep the skin moisturized. Because of the collagen rice contains it makes rice water an ideal natural alternative to target blemishes from sun damage and scarring from acne. It also helps fade any dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

So you see, rice water is a natural anti-aging elixir. Which I totally believe. Have you seen the skin of the people who swear by rice water?! Their skin looks amazing!

While I know there are many contributing factors to having healthy, glowing skin. I want to test it out and challenge myself to try this and see the results.

Those are just some of the benefits it has on the skin. Rice water benefits range from skin, to hair, to digestive issues, acne, and eczema.

The other day while scrolling on TikTok I came across a video where the user @TAMSSKYN posted her grandma’s recipe for making her rice water. So naturally I was like heck yes, I will be saving this video and making my own! Because you can never go wrong with grandma’s recipes!

I told myself that I would be making it and be consistent with it for of one month.

I will be sharing how to make your own and how I implement it into my already simple skincare routine.

So the challenge I want to invite you to join me in is as follows:

Wash face with rice water 2 times a day.

Once in the morning and once at night before bed.

I have been testing out the order of skincare routine for best results and after many trials, I have found the routine that works best.

First things first, we have to make our rice water.

I usually make two cups of rice for us to eat so we’ll be using those measurements.

In a bowl, I put my two cups of rice and then fill it with cold water and give the rice a good “wash”.

I squish the rice between my fingers and the palm of my hand and swish it around. Then I dump out the water.

Then I do that a second time and dispose of that water as well. You do it a third time but this time we keep the water. Your rice water should be a bit milky or cloudy.

This recipe made enough to be stored in a large glass mason jar. Then just store it in the fridge.

Next, how to incorporate it into my already simple skincare routine.

1. I wash my face with a natural soap.

2. Pat face dry

3. Grab a clean cotton ball and dip in rice water

4. Wipe face with wet cotton ball*

5. Rub excess rice water into face gently in circular motions (kinda like a little face massage)

6. Let face air dry

7. Seal in moisture with our Healing Beeswax lotion bar

* You can also just put some water in a bowl and use your hands to splash it onto your face

then massage into skin gently.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

I am committing to this routine for one month. I’ve included a before picture so I can document my progress.

In one month we’ll revisit the challenge and compare results.

Good luck and remember to be gentle with yourself if you forget a day or two!

P.S. I squeeze any excess rice water from the cotton ball into my scalp. Maybe that the next challenge?

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