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Making the most sought after skin moisturizers in the market. Our Body Butters and Lotion Bars are famous for repairing even the toughest dry, cracked skin while also protecting your skin from further damage. Without leaving that greasy residue behind.

Gabe, San Francisco CA

“Your lotion has revolutionized my lower leg life. They were soooo dry and lotion never did anything. Yours made them look normal for 3 days I'm not a withering old man anymore."

Instagram Review

"The Beeswax lotion has worked wonders on the baby's eczema! Can I buy a full bar from you please?!"

Britta, Los Angeles

“Zafira was very informative and honest. Plus I looooove the body butter I bought. She does a great job of creating simple, healthy products with beautiful scents.”


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