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Discover eco-luxury and transformative hydration

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Everyday, your skin endures stress, pollution, and the pressing demands of a busy lifestyle. As a busy professional, you're no stranger to the struggle of maintaining a balance—your skin needs indulgence without compromise. Enter our Whipped Shea Body Butter: the bridge between your active day-to-day and the self-care sanctuary you deserve. Through our rich, whipped texture, say goodbye to dry patches and unwanted oiliness, and hello to consistent, beautiful radiance.


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Deep Hydration

Formulas that intensely moisturize dry areas and give you long lasting softness.

Pure and Potent

Enriched with ethically-sourced ingredients, free from anything artificial to give you peace of mind.


Environmentally conscientious packaging that reflects our commitment to a greener world.

"Your lotion has revolutionized my lower leg life. They were soooo dry and lotion never did anything. Yours made them look normal for 3 days I'm not a withering old man anymore."
"Zafira was very informative and honest. Plus I looooove the body butter I bought. She does a great job of creating simple, healthy products with beautiful scents. "
“I was gifted a rose body butter! Best gift I’ve ever received! This product leaves my skin so smooth and shiny and smelling fresh! A little bit goes a looong way! I like that it’s organic as well and shows what’s put in to make it! Absolutely love it! 💗”



Eco-Friendly Design

Designed with mother earth in mind. 


Ultra-Rich Moisture

Provides all-day hydration.


Non-Greasy Formula

Quickly absorbs for a clean, lightweight feel.


Essential Oil Fragrance

Offer subtle scents for a soothing aromatherapy experience.


Ethical Ingredients

Carefully selected to ensure purity and efficacy.

Is the body-butter suitable for sensitive skin?

Absolutely! Our formula is gentle and made with natural ingredients that cater to sensitive skin

Will the butter leave my skin feeling oily?

Not at all! Our whipped butter formula is designed to absorb quickly, leaving your skin silky, not greasy.

Can I use this butter on my face?

While formulated for your body, our butter is safe to use on your face as well. We always recommend  testing out in small batches to ensure it is safe for your face

How often should I use the body butter?

For ultimate hydration and for maximum benefits we recommend daily use. 


Are you ready to transform your skin and embrace elegance?

Begin your radiant journey today. 

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